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1403 printers 480

the 6670-etc were ibm copier3 with computer interface to drive them. they could be used out in deparmental areas, local stock rooms, etc. among other things ... they inherited the copier3 capability of printing on both sides of the paper (duplex printing).

san jose research had also modified the driver to print the separator page (selected from alternate paper drawer and usually loaded with different color paper) with some random quotation. there were two files that random quotations could be selected from ... the 6670 quotation file or the ibm jargon definition file.

because they were out in open, "unsecure" areas (typical supply room where you would find copier, paper, etc) ... they were subject to security audit. during one such audit by security people from corporate hdqtrs ... they found a pile of output ... and the top file had a separator page with the (randomly selected) definition of auditor ... something about the people that go around the battlefield, after the war, stabbing the wounded. they complained loudly.

another situation was the april 1st pbuttword requirements memo. somebody had sent it to me ... and i had resent it to a couple other people. over the weekend somebody printed it on official corporate letterhead paper and placed it in all the official bulletin boards. monday morning, several people read it and thot it was real (even tho it was dated april 1st, which was the day before, sunday, and no corporate memos are dated sunday). ref to april 1st pbuttword memo:

1403 printers was: IBM's last tabulator last unitrecord punch card machine 482
Yep, 6670 output was beautiful, but still somewhat limited. The 6670 was still basically a character printer; it could print characters from...

after an investigation into who was responsible ... there was an edict that went out that all corporate letterhead paper had to be kept in lock cabinet.

other past 6670 stories

note that this was much more "personal" laser printer. from the mid-70s, there had been the 3800 datacenter laser printer ... which had paper feed rates measured in feet per second. some datacenters bypbutted the boxed paper feed ... and had huge paper rolls feeding directly into 3800 (4-5 ft in diameter). this shouldn't be confused with the later 3820 laser printer ... which was desktop unit.

minor ref:

from above:

The IBM 3800 laser-electrophotographic printer of 1975 had a speed of 20,000 lines a minute in preparing bank statements, premium notices and other high-volume documents. Laser beam paths were altered millions of times a second and were reflected from an 18-sided mirror that spun at 12,000 revolutions per minute. (VV3103)


1403 printers 481
Rich Alderson Siemens had a 2500 Offline Laser Printer, my manual is dated September 1977, that was later badged by...
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Hi, Sam...long time no hear. H'mmm...I dug up an ancient user's guide from my...

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1403 printers 481

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