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25th Anniversary of the Personal Computer" 4219

misc. old rumors from the archives ...

just heard that CMC has directed GSD to come out with home computer ASAP. They are managing a project that has all the pieces being subcontracted. Is suppose to have 8086 for chip, floppy disk, & 132 position printer for $4,000. Available (at least internally) in March. Employee price is 60% using similar program as typewriters (1-2 year interest free loan). Also offering to employees is in anticipation of being able to obtain set of programs that are written for box. GSD will buy best of such programs from employees for distribution-sale.

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A few more details: I think its an 8088, not an 8086. The floppy disk is 100 millimeters in diameter (different from both 8 inch and 5-1-4 inch which are in wide use). Hadn't heard about the CMC decision, but the stuff about selling to employees seems to be fairly well known. Project is called CHESS. And the software is being done by some firm in the Northwest.

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25th Anniversary of the Personal Computer" 4220
As I said, I was not really interested in PCs until 386 systems became available-affordable. However, I can't find anything in the...

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More rumors on Chess (but from a good source).

A 128K machine with 2 disks, running CP-M and Microsoft basic will be announced in June (or September) for a September delivery. Cost to IBMers is $800 purchace. Honest! Thats what he said! There will not be a communications facility in the initial version; one is planned for later. (I.E., one could not use one as a terminal.) The cpu is an Intel 8088.

25th Anniversary of the Personal Computer" 4221
Philip Homburg Our IBM PCs in 1982 came bundled with a "word processor" called PC-Write. I...

There are plans for employees to be able to sell software they write at home and get a royalty but corporate is having problems understanding all the impacts of the policy.

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i paid significantly more than that for mine ... and employee orders took so long to fulfill ... that a couple days after mine arrived, they dropped the price to a little less than what i was charged.

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25th Anniversary of the Personal Computer" 4220

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