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AT&T Labs vs. Google Labs R&D History

This report (from 1981) seems fairly accurate. I make a few notes, with minimal quoting.

The SEL 840 computer 4046
one apl-700 ref: in the very early 70s, the science center had taken apl-360 (from phili science center, iverson, falkoff, etc) and ported to cp67-cms...


2000 people was probably near the high-water mark; between the Divesbreasture (some went to Bellcore, the Economics folk left because they were mostly concerned with regulatory aspects). CS eventuall reached about 80 in our group, but there were a couple of others. ....

Around then it was, and we did import BSD and ran it in the Comets (11-750s). There was some flow in the other direction, but even then Berkeley was getting antsy about getting contaminated by System III or V, and though I offered several times at least the headers and man pages for the streams stuff, they didn't take it.

No accounting (except informal) for alice, either.

Actually several researchers typically.


Mostly when people did the VLSI stuff.

Incidentally, the "fully shared, unified address space" didn't really happen until Plan 9, but the 11-750s could from fairly early on cross-mount file systems. ....


Perq itself never made an appearance. However, Rob Pike was greatly influenced by seeing it at Lucasfilm. The Jerq-Blit-DMD5620 development really started from this (though Dave Ditzel had built a bitmap display earlier). ....


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The SEL 840 computer 4046

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AT&T Labs vs. Google Labs R&D History