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Knowing how the procedures are carried out by pencil and paper does NOT give an understanding of what any of it means. The "new math" started because a professor found that his daughter, adept in pencil and paper calculations, had no such understanding.

It is futile, if they do not understand.

And the basic concepts are NOT taught at this time.

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Right... and that isn't caused by the use of calculators. Something much deeper is wrong there. When I was a fairly young kid I used a calculator (still expensive for...

If someone can tell a computer or calculator how to go about finding the answer to a word problem, or even set one up properly with any number of variables, this shows understanding of the principles, regardless of how bad the person is on actually carrying out the calculations.

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says... However, schools-teachers allowing children who should be learning the basics (by wrote) to use them is exactly the problem. They...

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There was a posting in the education newsgroup some time ago that even a month might be enough to learn the manipulations; as...

The present teaching of calculus in high school is usually pointless memorization. The concepts are not taught, and the teachers usually could not understand them.

It is nothing more than (10 u + v)^2 = (100u^2) + (20u + v)*v.

This will work with any other base (I have used 8, 12, and 16), and for base 2, it is the basis for square root on many machines which also have division, as it is a simple modification of the usual division algorithm. I sometimes use it to check computer programs.

I guess I am glad

-- This address is for information only. I do not claim that these views are those of the Statistics Department or of Purdue University. Herman Rubin, Department of Statistics, Purdue University

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Academic priorities 321

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