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Ampro 80186 2210 anyone

The very first text editor 3645
On 30 May 2006 10:50:42 -0700 in alt.folklore.computers, "Tim Shoppa" Expensive Typewriter seems to have been a poke at the earlier 1960 Colossal Typewriter. In Saltzer's 1966 docs for TYPSET and RUNOFF, he...
The very first text editor 3644
Eugene Miya Does it have to involve a computer? Certainly paper-tape editing (and store...
The very first text editor 3643
Not saying it's the first, but I have a copy of the June 1968 plus 1 "The Computer Bulletin" Vol 13...

I still have my 1985 Ampro 2210 (basically an LB186 with a 10MB HD and a 5" floppy). It still runs with my 1980 hp2621a terminal, but the original peripherals (modem, printer) are gone. I had to find "MS DOS Generic" software (Multiplan, VEdit, NightOwl MeX, Student MatLab, MuMath, TurboPascal) or else it only paid to get shareware and see if it worked. Borland TCC went nuts when I had a double loop. I recently broke my printer cable (it was an IDE-type connector on the computer end and a centronix on the printer end - it was ribbon). Two of the modems got fried by lightning. I used the PC daily from 1985-1995. Right now I just use it for nostalgia. I'd like to get the danged printer and modem connected again, though. After about a year, it made a zingy noise and I was told the hard drive shell got unsoldered; I asked if it was hazardous to the PC and was told "only if it makes you throw it across the room". I had to rewrite the BIOS driver for my terminal (the only buttembler code I ever wrote - in fact, I got someone else to). It was supposed to come with a 4D2S drive but IBM hadn't produced the software so they called to ask if they could ship 2D2S instead. The founder was named Bill Dollar and I found the machine in Byte. They originally claimed you could use the SCSI to network the boxes remote from existing terminals. The BIOS seemed to naturally have the PDP control characters built in, but I'm not sure if the driver turned them back on (supposedly they were in IBM BIOS but they were switched off).

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