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Ann SMILemu 1.0 An Emulator for SMIL, Siffermaskinen i Lund

In 1956, SMIL - Siffermaskinen i Lund, 'The Number Machine in Lund' - was deployed at the University of Lund in Lund, Sweden. SMIL was built based on the blueprints for BESK, BinŠr elektronisk Sekvens-Kalkylator, 'Binary Electronic Sequence Calculator', constructed in Stockholm in 1953 by MatematikmaskinnŠmnden, 'The Mathematics Machine Committee'. Both BESK and SMIL were based on the design that had been produced by the Insbreastute for Advanced Study, usually referred to as the 'IAS Machine' design, which was used by several computer projects throughout the world.

EREP , sense ... manual 2788
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To give today's computer users a feeling for how far the world of computers has advanced in just 50 years, I present SMILemu, an emulator for SMIL, implemented in portable Java 5, licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2 or later. SMILemu attempts to honestly recreate the experience of using SMIL, including SMIL's original end speed. To make the emulator and the emulated SMIL more accessible to a modern audience, SMILemu implements a number of optional extensions that make SMIL's memory and processor accessible in a way which was not possible in 1956, but gives a much easier view into the workings of SMIL.

SMILemu, including documentation both for the emulator and for SMIL, is available for download at

The author can be contacted via email at

Best wishes,

Christian Brunschen

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EREP , sense ... manual 2788

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