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Any recommendations for learning Finnish

Rupert Pigott

If you're serious about learning the language, you might want to check out this site:

"Radio Peili" is a talk radio network operated by Finnish Broadcasting Company - the local equivalent of BBC. As could be expected, you can listen to a live strem (by clicking on the link "Kuuntele Radio PeiliŠ" in the top-middle section of the page) but they also have dozens - if not hundreds - of talk show and news audio clips online, on a wide range of topics, which you can listen "on demand" at your convenience. See the links on the left, under the "Parhaat palat" ("Top picks") headline. A special mention should be given to the link "YLEn puheohjelmia" ("FBC's talk shows") which features audio tracks not only from FBC's radio shows, but also from many of the FBC's tv talk shows.

As listening to topical talk shows about economy, science, society, politics, nature & environment, current issues etc. may prove a bit dull after a while, you may perhaps also want to try programming (i.e. your garden variety standard TOP-40 hits, news and inane radio host personality chatter between the songs.)

What ever happened to Tandem and NonStop OS 2052
Hmm, you are perhaps counting demonstration chips rather than production chips? Or, the "first 64-bit, 1 GHz" designation? papers on 1 GHz Alpha, PPC, and x86 at ISSCC...

Yet another thing you might possibly want to look into is the Finnish sfnet.* hierarchy of newsgroups; especially sfnet.keskustelu.kieli, sfnet.keskustelu.kaantaminen, and sfnet.keskustelu.foreigners. See

IRC channels are also an option. Finns mostly hang around on either IRCNet or QuakeNet.

-- znark

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What ever happened to Tandem and NonStop OS 2052

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Any recommendations for learning Finnish