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I'd thought a hearing aid with lifetime supply of batteries would be more appropriate. Much of the hardware available to me, as a student in the late 1970's...

I'm not sure whether I'm younger than you, but I'm no "spring chicken". I've used paper tape for my programs, circa 1968.

I end up in caps lock occasionally, but *NEVER* because I've intentionally hit it. At least in my case, it is invariably a typo, greatly influenced by keyboad layout differences. Usually, if I've got caps lock on, it is because I accidentally hit it while aiming for control (which "properly" ought to have been up there where I can reach it without dislocating my finger joint).

I've beeen known to remap keyboards to disable caps lock.

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Not a job foing just that. Just this past week, I had to transcribe "bits" from a smudged printout into a text file. Had to...

The only time in about the last decade or more that I've used caps lock intentionally has been in nostalgically playing with an old Apple 2 game using an Apple 2 emulator that I got recently. The game doesn't really deal with lower case very well. I've still got my physical Apple 2e stashed away and it worked last time I powered it up, but the emulator is more convenient... and avoids putting wear on the old floppy drives and media. And I don't use the physical caps lock key on my keyboard even there; the Apple 2 emulator has a caps lock option, that obviously being a common "issue".

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