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Change in computers as a hobbiest... 2840

Anne & Lynn Wheeler

Change in computers as a hobbiest... 2841
ref: slightly related concerning billing and off-shift dialin i didn't get home terminal until mar70, it was initially a "portable" 2741 ... two 40lb green suitcases ... shortly replaced...

People were dialing into several machines at CMU (then CIT) in the late 60's. By 1970 I had a "Data Port" which was two rather heavy cases, one was a KSR33 and the other was an acoustic coupler and some of the power supplies and interface stuff for the 33. One could carry both cases at the same time (nicely balanced actually) but not for a great distance. I was involved briefly with TSS on the 360-67 at CMU as a test user. The response time was pathetic (this in 68 or 68 plus 1). Usually the 360-67 ran OS-MFT with HASP and RJE. The other dial in machine was a Bendix-Control Data G-20 which was replace about 68 plus 1 or so with a PDP-10 (KA). There was also a brief experiment with using a PDP-8 as a front end for a dial in service to a UNIVAC 1108 running EXEC II.

By the mid 60's the campus was "littered" with model 35 TTY's all with a built in modem which you could use to dial into the machines.

By 1970 or so, lots of people had private dial in access to all of these machines using acoustic couplers from their homes and either TTY's or early video terminals (IIRC Infoton).


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Change in computers as a hobbiest... 2841

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