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Change in computers as a hobbiest... 2845

This may be a tad off-topic, but I'm curious which BBS systems you used and-or liked back then.

I was never a sysop (couldn't afford all the phone lines) but did help behind the scenes on several BBS's in Houston in 80's & 90's.

I absolutely detested Wildcat. Their "door" structure (what they called the process of shelling to external programs, games, whatnot) really sucked, and required way too much typing to configure.

Contrastly, PCBoard was great, if you set up your directory structure right you could run multiple lines with the same set of batch files, so adding or removing phone lines to the system was a breeze. RBBS was cool because it was free, but trying to navigate through all that spaghetti code sometimes made my head hurt.

Change in computers as a hobbiest... 2848
Well, the author of CygnusEd was a regular at club meetings, so I might have slipped him a suggestion or two... Yup. There was a wide choice - plenty...

Those were all PC systems, the only other one I worked on was for the Commodore, want to say it was called "Telegnard" but I may be confusing that name with an old D&D game for the C64 platform. Maybe "Tower" something?

(Speaking of bloatware, I still use my Commodore monitor as a spare TV. My honey keeps saying she wants a plasma screen. I say sure, but wouldn't you rather have a deck in the back yard, and what about redoing the bathroom...)

Change in computers as a hobbiest... 2846
I began calling bulletin boards in 1985. I never called a BBS outside of Sweden, however, so my sense of what is common...

From a user POV, I preferred the games, never did get into chat; we used to joke that it was like "talking at 12 baud." ;)

Change in computers as a hobbiest... 2847
Michael Widerkrantz Interesting. The command-line interface in MBBS and BBBS is based on the same principle. You only need to type enough of the command to differentiate it...

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Change in computers as a hobbiest... 2846

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