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Change in computers as a hobbiest... 2847

Michael Widerkrantz

Interesting. The command-line interface in MBBS and BBBS is based on the same principle. You only need to type enough of the command to differentiate it from the other available commands. (Forgot to mention it in my earlier message.)

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Change in computers as a hobbiest... 2850
I hear you, brother. Ironically, these people wind up spending every bit as much time "learning the computer". Unfortunately, their form of "learning" consists of memorizing which...

I must admit I've always wondered about the Swedish BBS scene. Back in the day, it somehow seemed that Finns and Norwegians had much more in common in this field than Finns and Swedes - which is rather odd since Norway is farther away. I even recall someone commenting on how the Swedes appear to prefer totally different BBS software packages. International calls were prohibitively expensive, so I didn't feel like investigating myself, though.

(I did call a couple of times to a Norwegian BBS, just to see if you can really establish a connection that far away. Back then, the world seemed a lot bigger and considerably more isolated, nationally. Something as simple as calling to a foreign BBS and seeing with your own eyes how similar things are - when not regarding the language - was a thrill.)

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I actually still run a telnet-based BBBS system, mainly for nostalgic reasons. I haven't been advertising it a lot, and the current level of activity is very low. Old users stop by occasionally and leave a message or two - perhaps to be commented by someone a month later. (The system only has Finnish conferences, so it is not of much interest to foreign audiences.)

Change in computers as a hobbiest
Carl Pearson The Norwegian-originated MBBS (from the creators of the GALINK or GLINK terminal emulator) was my original favorite. MBBS was wildly popular both in...

Some screenshots of a BBBS session:

-- znark

Change in computers as a hobbiest... 2848
Well, the author of CygnusEd was a regular at club meetings, so I might have slipped him a...

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Change in computers as a hobbiest... 2848

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