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Cray1 Anniversary Event September 21st 4552

Depends what you mean by old fashion.

Two ways.

cold war
They made Pu-239. This is where neutron contagioning was learned. They were kin to ORL. One nice history book exists about them...

There are a number of way to answer by comparison.

1) find parallel cases. We had a number: both in the US and in the USSR and in other countries (national dimension). Most Americans have no idea of those events, people, and things. Inside the USA IBM is the typical case (The Watson Jenny Lake memo is the typical document, but also when ERA was purchased by Sperry Rand, and when CDC spun off and left SR). Numerous other firms left computing completely. Did the USSR really have anyone as good as Cray? I've heard the arguments for the designer of the BESM-6 and others subsequently. I am not convinced. But I don't have access to clbuttified files, and I've never run on these machines, but as CW momentos, I am charged to try to locate and preserve a few historically (I have a serious shopping but no museum money).

2) parallel cases in other disciplines (fields). Kelly Johnson at the Lockheed Skunk Works was one. Edwin Land at Polaroid is another, etc. Kelly did design a commercial aircraft. It showed he could do something economical at the time. But that was not his domain.

I actually think what DEC did with the PDP-1 and all subsequent minicomputers had more significance. It made computing affordable, it promoted interaction. It's base to what we have today.

Subsbreastute past tense for present tense.

Most physics still regards computers as toys. It's because they lack software and are too complex. Computers can do too many "all kinds of things."

I have heard all the arguments for computational science from all kinds of people. I can't buy into it yet. It's still a branch of theory.

I am not clear that you want blase tools. When people turn their attention away from what you are doing, you've lost your power base. It's not going to be wallpaper. They thought that about nuclear power and the space shuttle, too.

People still have phobias. We trust only in limited cases (seen any good woodwoody wood peckers lately?).

cold war was : Cray1 4556
During the war, Gen. Groves knew he had a good percentage of Communists in his staff, but he signed for both of the Oppenheimers. It was war time...

This was a 70s paper:

%A Franklin H. Westervelt %T Perspectives of Parallel Processing %J Proceedings of the 1977 International Conference on Parallel Processing (ICPP'77) %E J. L. Baer %I IEEE %C Detroit, Michigan %D August 1977 %P 1-6 %K keynote, economics, %X BS: Costing comparison of supercomputers to more expensive big ticket items: paraphrased: we only build minicomputer systems.

BS is Burton Smith.

Burton really likes this paper. Basically the author was on a plane trying to describe what he did and costs and the guy next to him ran a power plant. There are many more power plants to supercomputers. He gave a great comparison: what costs $6K-hr. which was-is common supercomputer funny money time. Well, that's what it costs to run a C-130. And there are a lot of C-130s and other things which cost that much. And more.

cold war was : Cray1
You and he mean Soviet style. 25% of the world still is: PRC, PRNK, Cuba, Vietnam, 2 more left leaning Latin American states. etc. Is...


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cold war was : Cray1

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Cray1 Anniversary Event September 21st 4551