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Unisys TO300 lost keyboard
From Deep Down Under, mpholland(at) I have had a Unisys TO-300 terminal in my possesion for a... is a non-profit organization which provides access to historic supercomputers for free over the internet. Furthermore we reconstruct a museal computer room by obtaining vintage (super-)computers, putting them up and making them operational.

Meanwhile we have obtained a new piece of hardware. Although it is no mainframe or real supercomputer it is an interesting architecture which we also want to preserve and which we also want to take into operation and make available for public logins.

We are talking about an SGI Origin 2000 with 2 nodes and a total of 16 CPUs and 16 GB of main memory. We are running IRIX 6.5.22 with the MIPSpro C and C++ compilers (the licenses were graciously donated by SGI). from 12:00 - 18:00 CET.

We have a guest account where everybody is welcome to log in to and play around on the machines and if interested we also issue personal accounts.

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We additionally already have a Cyber 960, a Cray Y-MP EL and a Control Data 4680 up and running every Saturday, whereas the Cray is running 24x7, all machines are available for free logins over the internet, donations are, however, welcome.

VM maclib reference
the original superset of DCSS, I had started on CP-67 and referred to it as virtual memory Debt Management (VMM) ... this included handling CMS disk i-o...

We hope you enjoy the new machine and appreciate feedback of every kind

Best regards, Frederik Meerwaldt on behalf of the

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Unisys TO300 lost keyboard

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