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Dangerous Hardware 2491

Dangerous Hardware 2492
Tris Orendorff Lots. There was the time I was walking past one of our mini-computers when an electrolytic capacitor on one of the power supplies (open frame, mounted at head level...

H'mmm...the 1443-N1 (the model that could be directly attached to an S-360 channel) had four available typebars, with character sets with 13, 39, 52, and 63 unique characters with multiple copies of the font on the bar. Not surprisingly, the 13-character bar ran the fastest of the four bars (needing to move only a few inches to have had the opportunity to put any glyph in any column). ISTR that you got ~150 lpm with the 52-character bar, but the 13-character bar would run at 430 lpm.

The 1443 usually produced very clean glyphs on the page, but compared to the 1403-N1 its speed was a disaster for throughput. My shop finally scrapped the 1443 and bought a second 1403-N1 to replace it. (The only downside to this -- aside from the cost -- was that the character combs from the 1443 typebar were no longer available to present to programmers as a prize for screwing up on some minor point. Similarly, the typebars themselves were no longer available to present to programmers who *really* screwed up something; the 1443 trashed a typebar every couple of months.

Joe Morris

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Dangerous Hardware 2492

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