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Sure, a polarizing filter with the correct orientation (twist it until it's correct;) should filter out the light. It may attenuate the IR signal, but it *should* work.

Put the filter a few inches away from the display, inbetween your eyes (when you're in bed) and the display. To set the buttons look around the filter. I'm not sure where you're going to find a large enough polarizing filter for cheap, but...

I've never seen anything other than membrane or rubber dome switches on them. Toggle switches are big and expensive. Marketing says to put *lots* of buttons on the thing, so there's no room for toggles.

Data Entry 1242
The manufacturers weren't. I ended up buying queen flat sheets because they short-sheeted the doubles. The same thing...

Now they have color-coded cables. Plug red-to-red, purple-to-purple, and it all works (until Windows crashes).

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Hillary's political POV is known well enough. She will have to do real actions to be electable. But mayby if she joined the NRA, went strong on defense by pushing defenses against bad guys like...

It's a conductive rubber dome that provides resistance to pushing until enough force is applied to crush it, providing hysterias (and tactile feedback). The rubber is conductive and there is a PCB underneath that make contact after the dome is "crushed". When the force is removed the dome goes back to its original shape, breaking the contact.

Here is a drawing of a keyboard with such switches (most are these days). Take the keycap off this drawing and expose the little rubber dome, and that's about what I was talking about.

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On Sat, 08 Jan 2005 12:00:57 +0000, jmfbahciv I don't like flat sheets. The "issues" with fitted sheets are far worse. Well, I happent to like small scrunchy pillows (must be down), and I...

No, it was the materials like gold contact specifications, specific plastics, rubber specs, all that sort of stuff I wouldn't have a clue about.

have conductive rubber pads that work sorta like the dome keys above, but without the dome (no feedback). Sometimes the PCB gets dirty or the rubber loses it's conductive surface. I know people who claim to have brought them back with a pencil (eraser for the PCB, lead for the conductive surface), but I'd just chuck it. Universal remotes can be had for a couple of bucks. I tend to use universal remotes because of all the gadgets I have. There are already a half dozen remotes on the end-table.

Low expectations. People still use Windows.

I've looked at the modern cast iron. It's not so swift. Aluminum is a very good heat spreader, though not so good for cooking (not hard enough). I think this is the idea behind the stainless with aluminum core stuff.

-- Keith

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