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Data communications over telegraph circuits 1912

when we were talking to various of the people about the nsfnet deployments ... we didn't spend a lot of time going into details about telco provisioning issues ... since they really weren't interested in real industrial strength service and all that gorp

however, when we were asked to work with this small client-server startup that wanted to do payments on their server (frequently now referred to as e-commerce):

we felt compelled to really get into those issues.

one of the characteristics were that they were taking message formats from a circuit-based world and deploying them in packets ... and buttumed that would be sufficient. however, the standard packet deployed environments had extremely primitive diagnostic and industrial strength service operational facilities.

as part of deploying payment services and payment gateway ... we went back to ground zero ... and itemized-catalogued the recovery and diagnostic processes used in standard telco provisioned, industrial strength circuit-based infrastructure. (little things like being expected to do end-to-end, first level problem diagnostic and determination within five minutes). for every one of those opertaional characteristics that didn't exist in the normal packet based environment of the period ... we had to invent equivalent processes and document their use (as part of an expected industrial strength service environment).

very early in the process there was some initial testing and some sort of outage redulting in call to the trouble desk and opening a trouble ticket. then followed 3hrs of investigation and finally closing the trouble ticket as NTF (no trouble found) ... which was a totally unaceptable from standard operating procedureds.

Data communications over telegraph circuits 1913
a trivial example was one of the first major sites for original payment gateway was...

slightly related recent reference to the activity

the issue wasn't that tcp-ip didn't have useful characteristics ... it was that its feet had never been held to the fire to have had evolve real business critical operational characteristics.

we even gave a talk about how tcp-ip of the period lacked real industrial strength operational characteristics (and some of the compensating processes that we had to invent) to a combined ISI-USC graduate student seminar along with the RFC editor organization (physically located at ISI).


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Data communications over telegraph circuits 1913

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