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Empires and Imperialism 2738

There are. If you work or reside in a state you must pay that state's income tax. The "work in" is up for debate. It used to be where you were paid. The NY Giants would be considered to be paid in NJ ;-) for tax reasons, even if they played a game at the Bears. Illinois says not so, you "worked" here; pay up. Considering that a player might make a half $million a game...

Another sneaky tax I've recently heard about is the "dangerous driver" (or some such) fee. Some states (MA?) not only impose a fine, but an annual fee if you're caught speeding. FWIG, the fee may be $100-year for five years or $300 one-time. ...even if you don't reside in nor are licensed in that state! I'm really surprised a lawyer hasn't been hit with this one yet.

Of course Canada does a similar thing with USAians that have a DUI on their record. Can't enter without paying a fee ($150 one-time or $500 life, someone told me). This is just to apply (at the border) to get in.

Empires and Imperialism 2739
John Savard KR Williams I'm *astonished* there isn't a Federal Law explicitly setting out when states may or may...

The US *was* the opposite. Only states could raise money directly from citizens. The federal government was beholding to the states. Then there was this thing called Amendment XVI.

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But even if the corruption was an order of magnitude worse it would still be cheaper than a $1 billion a week occupation and guerilla war financed and almost entirely by the US...

Sounds like something US states would do. Sales tax is paid by the buyer, but collected and remitted to the government by the seller.

Same here, in most states. In VT the only thing that may be "added up" this way is the tax on over-the-bar liquor. Then it's not standard. Sometimes tax is added in (most bars) and sometimes not (restaraunts mainly), sometimes both (drink at a bar, no - have food with the drink at the bar, yes). Taxes are strange; liquor taxes even stranger.

I noticed the lack of speed traps when crossing over on 401. Even though there are dire warnings about revenue enhancement for speed above 100kph, everyone is doing at least 130.

For historical and romantic reasons, I'm sure. I doubt it's still called "Royal" because of D. Doright. ;-)

The local Air National Guard unit is nicknamed the "Green Mountain Boys", after Ira and Ethan Allen's revolutionary war band. A few years back the "Home of the..." sign dissapeared off the hangars. "Can't call 'em "boys" anymore; there are women in the unit." Soon after, the Ajutant General got canned and a woman was elected*, and the sign went back up. The wrong feathers got ruffled. ;-)

* Vermont is the only state where the highest military officer is elected by the legislature.

-- Keith

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Empires and Imperialism 2739

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