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This gal "Annie" is a riot, and I have heard about her in comp.programming where her posts were compared to mine in their dogged prolixity.

Seriously...she has a brain and a mind and a heart, and displays it. Why is it the case that any departure from the Usenet norm (alienation, negativity, and a brevity which like the criminal's sunglbuttes is an unwillingness to self-reveal) encoded on Usenet as somehow deviance from an accepted norm, in which we all must be nasty, brutish and short?

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Pardon me, ma'am. I don;t understand why people find the WRITTEN word irritating. Just uh don't read it. Unless Annie is abusive in the...

Annie with moral seriousness (connected, alas, with a failure to apprehend REAL economics) meets issues head-on and with vigor, but this seems to frightened the stunted little boys here, and they therefore troll her, while accusations of being a troll-ette (troll-lein? The Nordic and German root seems to demand the German feminine).

I fear that she may suffer the fate I've seen women suffer on Usenet before, which is a sour persecution until she leaves. However, having learned my lesson as a quondam Crusader Rabbit, I shall not try to defend her.

Another world is possible. People could exchange their true feelings without flaming (and systematically abusing women) because they weren't so filled with anomie and despair that Usenet becomes a safety valve for deviants. Like me, for instance.

This "Annie" character looks kind of cute in her ASCII .sig. I look forward to reading her content.


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