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On 01 Sep 06 08:27:28 -0800 in alt.folklore.computers, "Charlie Gibbs"

Another wildly graphic illustration of time-space tradeoffs. ISAM uses minimal extra space at the cost of (sometimes horrendous) worst case times when improperly applied (most of the cases AFAICT). Hashed access methods use a lot more space but can reduce the probability of excessive time consumption to extremely low values, and requires additional space if you also need ordered access, using indices or sorting. For most work of that time, and even much later, sequential high volume data and hashed-indexed reference data would have given better time and space performance.

IMHO a major reason for less than successful projects was inappropriate design decisions made by systems analysts who didn't have a working knowledge of the approaches they specified, no need to justify their choices, and no direct responsibility for getting results: there were always others to blame for delays and failures. System designs which were basically sequential batch processing using a lot of sorting of what were defined as indexed files disgusted me: either use indices or sort, not both dammit! Databases took those decisions away from systems analysts and put it in the hands of the data-database analysts and programmers who have to produce results in a reasonable (project and run) time, at some cost in hardware and performance over a good system design, but with benefits in being able to guarantee ACIDity and consistent recovery.

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Greatest Software Ever Written 4256