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Systems Programming for 8 Yearolds 586
adventure was originally done in Fortran. i believe shortly after it was available on sail-pdp10 at stanford ... somebody from tymshare had...

He doesn't know jack poo about chess, polgars, or anything else, not do you. You're too incredibly stupid to understand my post as evidenced by your little googling activity. You don't have a clue who I am or what I know. I happen to be an expert-clbutt tournament player and a chess tutor. I also run a chess discussion group with over 600 members.

Systems Programming for 8 Yearolds 587
Rich Alderson Well, there are so many three-letter abbreviations...CDC, BBN, IBM, FBI, CIA... IMHO, the interview I some indication as to why Don Wood is easy to contact and...

You're little google search doesn't tell you f*** all about who Susam Pogar (whom I met twice in New York) is. All you know is that she is one of a handful of females to get the GM breastle. You probably don't even know the difference between the GM breastle and the WGM breastle.

Do you know who the strongest Polgar sister is and what her world ranking is? She happens to be playing in a category 20 tournament in Bulgaria right now.

Have you read any of Susan's books? I have.

Do you even know the first thing about Susan's repertoir? I do. I've studied her games. I could give you some analysis of her career, her games, her repertoir poo, etc, but it would be falling on deaf ears here.

Your retarded f***wit buddy here referred to Susan Polgar as a "master". That is totally incorrect as I indicated. Susan stopped being a "master" when she was in her teens. Calling Susan Polgar a master is like calling Colin Powel a corporal.

People as incredibly stupid as you and your buddy should be in a higher tax bracket!

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Systems Programming for 8 Yearolds 586

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