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He Who Thought He Knew Something About DASD 368

He Who Thought He Knew Something About DASD 369
Happened last week. A RAID 1, first drive failed, replaced it, second drive failed 8 days later. Both failed drives from...
Origin of "glob
I'd been told that it was short for "Global Expression," but in the grand tradition...

I could have used your story to make my PPOE staff a bit less grumpy back in the '60s. This was at an Enormous State University, where the computer center was (like most universtiy computers, it seemed) in the basement of the Business Administration building. This warren had been constructed long before computers came on the scene, and had a really wierd power line map, one consequence of which was that I could connect an oscilloscope between one of the conduits leading to the fuse boxes and the metal floor grid, and see telltale noise whenever the elevator (in the other end of the building) was running.

It didn't help that we had a singularly uncooperative Physical Plant office (I used to say that "Physical Plant is a noxious weed.") The clowns at least twice managed to switch phases on the building power feeds (ever try to thread half-inch tape through pressure columns?) and claimed that they didn't possess a phase meter to check their work. I finally cut a deal with the head of the EE department that got me a key to the undergraduate lab equipment room there, from which I could borrow a phase meter.

Joe Morris

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He Who Thought He Knew Something About DASD 369

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