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Health Care 4178

I can't get the vaccine; I think it'll kill me.

Health Care 4179
Exactly the point I was making about the real world. We have laws against it, and in some ways the laws work. Grocery stores are not segregated anymore. And some people...

No, they are not. Think about it. The food looks clean so the cook doesn't wash it. If there were real dirt on the food it would all get washed.

I know the effects. I have CFS which, among other things, is a compromised immune system. If I catch a virus, I end up catching it 8 times. I have caught them on planes, in dentist office (air circulation was shared with the doctor's office next door), in the grocery store (first thing a nurse does when filling a needle is push air out of the needle which causes some serum to become airborn) or walking past anybody who coughed or sneezed or touched a door handle that was touched by somebody who just wiped their nose with their hands. I'm an expert in avoiding flus and such things because they are deadly to me.

Epidemics occured where people didn't wash their hands and lived on top of each other (crowded conditions). If you collect all sick people together viruses can combine and create new.

If it's within the context of an epidemic, yes. VAccines and treatments should also be kept separate from places where those, with compromised immune systems, have to grocery stores, to survive. Think about the new way they are delivering vaccines, nasal mist. These designed to be spread through air.

Health Care 4180
Here are some figures, from 1991, but there has been no significant change in the 15 years since (a few random numbers are given below, but the initial...


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