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History: How did Forth get its stacks 4021

No , the RET stack was a regsiter in the DEC CPU? that could act as a Return was sort of automatic compared to other CPU's .

NewForth can't use STACK for it's speed penalty , same for STATE flag . Prims are so diff , no old Forth code will run on it . But if you are intuitive to speed , you could guess correctly and translate old Forth stuff in minutes . It is the ultimate Open source for the same logic !

Good Forthers need not spend any time in old Forth , because New Forth needs fundamentals of primatives on new CPU's and there is too much distance here to learn anything from old CPU's . Intel eSI eDI index registers and other stupid stuff are like 2nd kick of a mule , nothing to learn ...

NewForth will power PDAs w1.8 HDD and a new 3.8" VGA LCD . They will have DVI-D in and out connectors , Ethernet is dead , expect only UHP connectors ( USB 2.0) . You will play a DVD player "into" your PDA DVI-D connector and edit play store it w-o copy protection since the protected source thinks it's sending it to a LCD . OpSys will be free . M$ is dead along with Linux . S-W will be done by hobbyists , not paid programmers ...

History: How did Forth get its stacks 4023
Nuts. Thank you - I was thinking about our XDS machines. Data Machines might be right, though...


History: How did Forth get its stacks 4022
The 8008 had room for 7 levels of subroutine nesting. There were 8 program counters and when you...

Ian Osgood

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History: How did Forth get its stacks 4022

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