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Not quite. A more correct sentence is, "I don't want to believe it."

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Charles Shannon Hendrix) writes: In the case of the New Illiterates tm I can see this as an advantage. Most people (at least from the age...

The opinions appear to be one-sided because the hidden agenda of the reader is to find somebody to blame for all ills. It is a natural side effect when a deadly danger is looming. I think the term for this is denial.

The people who are dangerous are the ones who intend to kill millions of the world's citizen. The people who are doing nothing become soldiers of that crowd.

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First thing to argue about. Professionals just love percentages, until the tot gets below a certain figure. Then you...

Now, this is pure speculation, but I've seen it happen before in smaller matters....I think the current Democrat leadership believe that, if they sit back and allow a mess to happen, the Republicans will be blamed and the political power will fall into their laps. And then they think they will be able to hit reset on the game, restart, and everything will go back to normal. It will not and these types will be overwhelmed dealing with a mess they helped make happen. People do not tend to clean up messes they caused in this society. The PC atbreastude is to leave for somebody else to clean up. By the time, somebody gets around to working at a past mess, there is a new mess to deal with. In coding, we call this bandaiding the bandaids. None of it fixes the original cause of the problem.

That is foreign policy and is a derivative (think calculus) of local politics. If the general public has a certain collective atbreastude, they will allow people who reflect that atbreastude to run their public affairs. Subsequently, these chosen few will also be the ones who deal with the chosen ones of other local political areas (in this day and age, called countries).

All of these local polities work within a society of law and trade which we call Western civilization. There is another polity which think that Western civilization is bad, wrong, a sin, an abomination, etc. These leaders are alarmed because they see their general populations start to want things and life styles that have evolved under Western civilization.

So there is choice, adapt or destroy the influence. Being human, the first choice is to destroy this enemy.

The conflict is whose mindset will prevail over the world's population: Western civ or an aberration of Islam.


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Actually it is a law here. If the estate is at that level, then none of the extracirricular rest tax activity is triggered...

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History of first use of allcomputerized typesetting 3316

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