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How to build a working digital computer 4166

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At a PPoE I worked once from a Thursday 7:30 a.m., round the clock, to late Sunday night, only taking out a couple of 1...

It's a Tab Book? This is when we shudder. The clbuttic story about that firm is the time a columnist in Popular Electronics, I think it was Carl Warren (because it was easy to mix him up with Jim Warren of the Computer Faire fame), warned people not to buy his book about the 6809 CPU. Tab apparently botched the editing, and when they decided something had to be taken out, they removed a listing for a tiny BASIC, but left in the section on using it (which wasn't useful without the actual interpreter). If someone warns you against buying his own book, you know there are problems.

But the description reminds me of something I saw in the paper when I was a kid. There was a story about some kids, about my age as I recall (and I would have been eight or nine at the time), who had built a computer. There was a photo, and it showed a drum and that sounds like the description. I knew nothing at the time, so I gave no thought to how they had succeeded in building a computer, but I know that newspaper article did push me into an interest in electronics (if it wasn't already in place already) and a mild interest in building a computer, which I never did do but obviously set me up well when small computers came along within a decade.

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John Byrns .. The following is an extract from an article (never completed) I was writing 10 years ago about the 1ESS-1AESS switch...
When Does Folklore Begin 4170
In the mid '70s I was put on temporary buttignment to a project that was way late (had already been announced...

This now makes me think they had copied the instructions in the book, and it was less of a feat than I had imagined at the time, in the way that newspaper articles will sometimes feature young people doing things out of their ordinary.

The first real construction article I remember, though maybe one of those books I took out of the children's library a bit later did detail a relay based "computer", was in 73 Magazine in the November 1972 issue. It wasn't a construction article, but did have concrete pointers to how to start building a computer, on the level of what some were doing at the time (building from the ALU with TTL logic, and such), complete with a suggestion to get some of that surplus core memory to use as memory. It was pretty advanced at the time, and either microprocessors hadn't arrived or had barely shown up, since I recall no mention of them in the article. Later, I had the feeling that that early article had influenced the start of Byte when small computers did come along, since it was 73's publisher, Wayne Green, who decided to start a slick magazine about computers, with the editorship of Carl Helmers.


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Pioneer ESS userstheir thoughts on new service

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