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IBM 610 workstation computer 3362

You can be told many things. Some of them are even true. :-)

I am an engineer and I use Fortran as by far my predominant language. Yes, that includes new code. No, I'm not the only one, or particularly close.

Oh, I also happen to be the editor of the newest version of the Fortran ISO standard, officially published in November of 2004. A such, I'll claim to have slightly more knowledge of the matter that some random person that "told" you something. The latest standard is so new that compilers fully supporting it aren't yet out; I'm hoping for this year.

Yes, engineers use many, many different things, including the tools you mentioned. Different engineers use different tools, varying with the particular subfield, the person's personal preferences, and probably the phase of the moon. Some of them heavily use Fortran, among other tools.

Frankly, anyone who makes such broad statements about what engineers do is just illustrating the narrowness of their own perspective. It isn't as ludicrous as claiming to know what most people of some particular race are like, but the general tennor of bias is similar.

IBM 610 workstation computer 3363
That would be up to the compiler vendor. It is neither required nor forbidden by the standard. Prior to f90, the standard had *NO...

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IBM 610 workstation computer 3363

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IBM 610 workstation computer 3361