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IBM 610 workstation computer 3437

IBM 610 workstation computer 3441
part of the issue is fault isolation. also, i think jim gray, after he left sjr for tandem ... published a...

YES, I have been trying to step back and thinking about "component" fixtures. I consider an SMP system to be a component.

My problem with this is that electricity and EMF is slow. So I've been thinking about dealing with small emergencies at the component level first. Rather like the saying "a sbreastch in time, save nine." It doesn't sound like this approach is getting done anymore with the recent glut of seemingly infinite resourcesminimum footprint.

Yes, this is how the biz should have gone. There should also be custom CPU computing available such as the compute-monsters that people would like to have available.

Well, not quite. I may be the unusual user who requires consistent computing. This would be a problem if the farm had disagreeable CPUs.

Right. This was behind our discussion last year about a user saving his context on a cigarette lighter while he moves his body from computer access point A to computer access point B which happens to be tied into a different computer farm company.

IBM 610 workstation computer 3439
Joe Morris I don't recall that on a printer (doesn't mean, of course, that it didn't happen), but there was a...

No,no,no. I am talking precisely. A system is a unit component of computing delivery service.

Sure this is the planned scenario. One also needs to be able to deal gracefully with the unplanned scenario. That was what an SMP installation could address.

The problem with this master-slave configuration is similar to the single point failure nodes that nobody discovered until too late. As time went on, consolidation of companies (or wires) and non-continuous use of the fallback and fallover procedures, software and hardware eventually "lost" the agility. With an SMP component setup, everything gets exercise all the time, especially the software that could disappear with noone noticing until it's needed.

But has SMP ever been tried? First of all one needs a real SMP implementation. I don't even know if those exist anymore.

IBM 610 workstation computer 3438
I don't recall that on a printer (doesn't mean, of course, that it didn't happen), but there was a similar issue with the IBM 407 Accounting...

I'm trying to think about services where that "without much" is going to change to "absolutely none" for even the dirty mbuttes who are just now switching from using their computers as a toy to using it for stuff that cannot fail. This problem can be solved by having an SMP configuration. A home user will be notified that a piece of his gear has failed and give him time to go out and buy a part (which could be a CPU), hot swap it with the broken part, and none of the computing service his system has been doing is interrupted. Nowadays, these poor slobs not only have to buy completely unfamiliar gear, they have to learn from scratch the bloody software and user interface of a completely unfamiliar OS and all of its quirks.

IBM 610 workstation computer 3442
the or virtual so a stop (until That's how the SMP biz got started but this is no longer true. Take...


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