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IBM Plugs Big Iron to the College Crowd 757

the cp67 group was split off from the science center and morphed into vm370 group and took over the boston programming center on the 3rd floor (absorbing most of the people). they outgrew the 3rd floor and moved out to the old sbc bldg. in burlington maill.

in one of the attacks that there were going for there to be no more vm370 product (and that to meet the 370-xa schedule, the mvx-xa needed virtual machine support), the decision was made to close down the burlingon mall group (and vm370 product) and move all the people to pok to work on the internal only "vmtool" (would never be released as a product and only be used for internal mvx-xa development).

there was lots of protests from various corners ... and it was somewhat decided that endicott could have a few of the people (the rest were still needed to support mvs-xa development) and continue along a little with a vm370 product.

TSO replacement
from melinda's By the time we celebrated VM-370's tenth birthday at SHARE 59 in New Orleans in August, 1982, IBM had declared VM strategic...

lots of past posts about science center

there is some joke that the person that made the decision to close burlington mall and kill vm370 was a major contributor to vms (in terms of number of people).

somebody had leaked the decision about closing burlington and killing the vm370 product to the people at burlington mall a couple months before it was announced. there was a big investigation for the source of that leak (sort of a mini *deep throat*).

there was also some jokes about the person given the task of actually closing burlington location ... not too long earlier they had the job of closing down the programming language group (in the time bldg in manhatten).

later the science center moved out of 545 tech sq. down a couple blocks to 101 main street. before that happened, some number of us had transferred to the west coast

later, my wife and I had started ha-cmp

and began subcontracting some of the work to three former people from the science center who had formed a small software company. this grew in size and scope ... so that when the science center was actually shutdown ... they were able to move in and take over the science center qtrs at 101 main st. at this point you are into the OSF time-frame ... so you find some number of the science center people show up in OSF organization (as well as the ha-cmp group hiring soem). quite some number now appear to be working at state street.

other stuff from the science center was the invention of gml (& sgml) ... the precursor to current xml

and the internal network ... which was larger than the arpanet-internet from just about the start until sometime mid-85

and the technology basis used in bitnet-earn

the science center also did the port of apl-360 to cms-apl and rewrote various bits and pieces to adapt it to virtual memory environment. this became the original basis for HONE ... original cp67-cms and a lot of cms-apl applications ... which evolved into world-wide platform supporting all field, sales, and marketing (eventually mainframe order contracts couldn't even being generated w-o being run on HONE)


virtual 36067 support in cp67
the early cp67 releases just provided support for "regular" 360 virtual machines .... i.e. virtual machines with standard 360 real memory ... and did not...

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virtual 36067 support in cp67

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IBM Plugs Big Iron to the College Crowd 756