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IBM microwave applicationearly data communications 2820

I believe by the late 70's that the WU charts showed 90 megabit links between several East Coast concentrations.

It's at 41st and Wisconsin in NW DC. It is still standing. Although the concrete tower is dwarfed by the big metal towers in the area around it, it looks like the concrete structure could withstand anything but a direct nuclear blast. Some of the ancillary buildings around the tower have been torn down-rebuilt in the past decade.

IBM microwave applicationearly data communications 2821
isn't there a big unfinished half-built tower off of connecticut(?) somewhere around friendship hills(?) ... behind a whole foods...
IBM microwave applicationearly data communications 2822
ref: one of the things that i worked on as part of HSDT ... was design...

The neighborhood that the tower is in is dominated by TV and radio stations. The industrial warehouses and workshops on Wisconsin have generally been converted into retail use over the past couple of decades (although there are still a few car dealerships in that neighborhood.)

It looks to me that the concrete WU tower may be too hard to tear down

Here in Washington DC, during the late-90's .com boom there were plans to convert lots of old warehouses and even a few apartment buildings around Union Station and up NY Ave into datacom centers. Every street was being trenched and retrenched as everybody and their brother installed fiber optics. Those plans have been reworked in the past few years as the exponential boom didn't take off like they planned... at least they aren't trenching all the streets continually anymore!

I was a bit surprised that many of the roadside signs explaining the trenching schedule remained up until 2002 or 2003, by that point most of the company names were either long gone or were the topic of some news scandal.


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IBM microwave applicationearly data communications 2821

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