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IBM up for grabs 2817

before they sold the cottle rd facility (to hitachi)

... when 87 cut thru the middle of the property, the plant rec area came up on the other side of 87 ... as a result they had to put in a special underpbutt between the main facility and the rec area. shortly afterwards they sold of the rec area for development and it turned into apts-condos ... and they filled in the underpbutt. in the same time they sold off los gatos lab. (along with something like 200 acres of open land) ... which got torn down and turned into housing development.

more recently, hitachi cutting site from 332 acres to 150 acres

much earlier, there had been consolidation of a number of a off-site leased bldgs adjacent to main plant site (bldgs, 86, 96, 97, 98, etc which also came up on the other side of hiway 87 when it was built).

IBM up for grabs 2818
Anne & Lynn Wheeler some other pictures from site referenced in previous article ... cottle road site: in the plant site pciture from the air .... hiway 85 crosses the picutre from top left center ... to...

in the mid-80s there was a predication that ibm world-wide business was going to double ($60b-annuum to $120b-annum) and there was a mbuttive manufacturing construction program. one of those was large bldg. 50 on the main plant site. in the later downsizing from the offsite bldgs, some were consolidating into offices in bldg. 50 and others to santa teresa lab (bldg. 90, some 10 miles to the south).

one of the groups that got moved into bldg. 50 was the adsm group (much of the organizations had previously been in bldg. 98). adsm had morphed from workstation datasave faciilty (and has now been renamed tsm). workstation datasave facility had grown out of a backup-archive system i had written and deployed internally.

santa teresa lab has been renamed silicon valley lab:

in the photos from the above ... you can sort of see that the lab. was built on a marsh that got extremely wet during the rainy season from run-off (both surface and sub-surface) from the nearby hills. the datacenter is below ground and when it was first built ... they had significant water seepage problems into the machine room (separate from the later flooding problems mentioned in the above). I found the problem somewhat interesting since during college, I had a summer job as foreman on a construction project that was located on similar terrain ... large surface and sub-surface drains had been installed to divert the water flow around the site.

past postings about the naming of the santa teresa lab.: Corner, Virginia) Internet?^ Equipment in the 70s? Coyote Ugly?) System-390 - do we need it? 1980's stuff on a slow Sat. night, become "software development?" Museum post-relational, 1968 CODASYL "Survey of Data Base Systems" don't mix - fairly OT don't mix - fairly OT

past postings about filling up stl and having to move something like 300 from the ims group to "new" offsite bldgs. 96-97 still have a meaning? Disk history...people forget Equipment in the 70s? Equipment in the 70s? 360-91 settle, and other rambling folklore Something About DASD parallel x86 design parallel x86 design parallel x86 design

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IBM up for grabs 2818

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