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IBMWatson autobiographythoughts on 761

i was told a story about one of the seven dwarfs (I think rca) giving testimony at the fed. gov. trial involving ibm. supposedly they testified that in the late 50s every computer company realized that the single most important thing to be succesful in the business was to have a compatible computer line (businesses were investing large amounts in software applications ... but it was also a period of significant corporate growth ... and they didn't need to scrape all their software everything they upgraded a machine). the observation was that every other computer company failed at this ... except ibm. that local plant-product managers were always optimizing the machine architecture for the technology their specific product was using. IBM supposedly had the only corporate leadership that forced all the different plant-product managers to toe the (360) line.

a lot of the 360s were microcoded machines ... regardless of the native hardware engine characteristics ... the microcode layer hid all of that and provided a uniform 360 architecture to software. the microcode emulation could provide a ten-to-one performance degradation between the 360 delivered thruput and the native hardware engine thruput.

IBMWatson autobiographythoughts on 762
Anne & Lynn Wheeler I wonder if compatibility was a big issue in the late 1950s. IBM didn't come...
IBMWatson autobiographythoughts on 764
Philip Nasadowski Yes, that was true. Certainly any applications could run. But the CPUs were far slower in those days and performance suffered when the wrong application type was run. Remember that early...

one might claim that the care that went into addressing solutions for customer requirements ... went far beyond just having onsite handholding. another characteristic would be realizing that software development was the primary bottleneck (in the period) ... and hardware upgrades for growing corporations could represent a significantly bigger macro-problem (if software conversions were required) than some of the more day-to-day micro-issues.

IBMWatson autobiographythoughts on 763
I always understood it more as an issue of the idea of a 'business' computer and a 'scientific' computer. i.e. the computers were...


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IBMWatson autobiographythoughts on 762

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