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Independent" meaning stand-alone (not executed under the OS). One highly irritating characteristic was that they typed out the *entire* contents of every control card -- including all trailing spaces. With a console speed of 14.6...
Might score a Fujitsu Mainframe How much do these cabinets
And, somethimes, it is good with other governments. In that case it is said be a...

gerard46 Quoting (loosely): IBCDASI - is an independant utility used to initialize direct-access volumes for use ... Note from me. Initialize is not the same as FORMAT for a virgin disk. That was done at the factory. IBCDMPRS - is an independant utility used to dump and restore data on direct-acess volumes IBCRCVRP - is an independant utility used to retrieve usable data from defective track, to buttign an alternate track, and to merge the usable data with replaacement data. ICAPRTBL - is an independant utility used to load the Universal Character Set (UCS) and the forms control buffer (FCB) for an IBM3211 Printer. IEBCOMPR - is a data-set utility used to compare two sequentially organized or two parbreastioned datasets at the logical-record level to veriffy a back-up copy. IEBCOPY - is a data-set utility used to copy one or more (PDSes) or merge (PDSes) Note. had lots of examples, and changes from previous versions. IEBDG - is a data-set utility to generate test data. Note. Mostly various ripple paterns. IEBEDIT - is a dsu used to create an output data set containing a selection of jobs and job sets, which can be used as an input stream for job precessing. IEBGENER - is a dsu used to copy a sequential data set or a parbreastioned member, or create a PDS ... Note. this one got lots of expansion and development later. IEBISAM - is a dsu used to copy and IS ds directly from one DA volume to another. IEBPTPCH - is a dsu used to print or punch all or pieces of a sequential or PDS. IEBTCRIN - is a dsu used to reaaad input from the IBM2495 Tape Cartridge reader, edit the data, and produce a sequentially organized data set. IEBUPDAT - is a dsu to incorporate IBM and user-generated source language modifications into a symbolic library -- a PDS of 80-byte records, such as SYS1.PROCLIB ... IBUPDTE - is a dsu to incorporate IBM and user-generated source language modifications into a sequential or PDS. IEHATLAS - IS a system utility used when a defective track is indicated by a data check or missing address marker condition. Can be used to locate and buttign an alternate traack or to replace the defective track. ... Note. See IBCRCVRP. IEHDASDR - is a system utility used to prepare direct access volumes for OS use. Note. sort of a combined IBCDASDI, IBCDMPRS, track analysis pgm, volume reename, etc. utility IEHINIT - is a system utility for labeling tapes. IEHIOSUP - is a system utility used to update TTR entries in the transfer control tables of the supervisor call library (SVC lib). IEHSISUP must be used after: the SVC lib is moved. The OPEN, CLOSE, TCLOSE, EOV,... & other modules are changed or replaced in the SVC lib. IEHLIST - is a system utility used to list entries in a catalog, entries in the directory of a PDS, or a VTOC. IEHMOVE - is a system utilit used to move or copy logical collections of operating-system datasets. IEHPROGM - is a system utility used to modify system control data and to maintain data sets at an organizational level. Note ie: scratch, rename, catalog, (un)catalog, BLDX, connect volumes, release, build & maintain GDG index, maintain ds pbuttwords. IFHSTATR - is a system utility toselect, format, and write information from type 21 (error statistics by volume) records when SMF has been generated into the system. ---------------------- IMASPZAP - ZAP-modify pieces of an object or load module. also dump pieces of a module.

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UAP := "Update Analysis Program" (AFAIK the IHG prefix was never used for any other program) IHGUAP was (allegedly) a reporting tool, using the SSI data to identify fixes. I say "allegedly" because the...
IBM 3330
3830 disk control unit could attach to multiple channels there is also head-of-string, 3333 ... that supported string-switch ... which allowed the head-of-string to connect to two...

-- Rostyk

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IEHIEB... names 2410

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