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It's official: "nuke" infected Windows PCs instead of fixing them. 3220



Nice Site On Communist Era Hardware in Hungary 3221
On 7 Apr 2006 11:15:24 -0700 in alt.folklore.computers, Quoting from site: "Sometimes unrelated machines were labelled as TPAs, too. Big VAX...

i have sometimes recommended

1)deactivate boot flag on windows parbreastion(s) 2)install another disk drive 3)install verified opensource OS and toolchain on new drive, boot 4)mount windows parbreastion readonly 5)very carefully, cleanse and recover selected data cleansing may involve translating suspect data to intermediate formats with attendant loss of layout information... 6)never boot into an MS OS again

such medicine is too strong for most... 5) has difficulties, and 6) often impossible

so mostly i sigh and say, 'i dont speak microsoft. sorry.'

i have never seriously reconsidered my opinion that windows is a toy. i came to this opinion many years ago when i first laid eyes on windows 2.0

since then i have, for my sins, been successively exposed to 3.1,3.11, 95,98,NT3.51,NT4,2K,ME and XP and in each case, recoiled in horror. the least horrific experience was perhaps with NT3.51 which i actually ran for several months to service a piece of electronics, but eventually ran out of patience with microsoft and hacked a driver for the device in question (for an opensource OS.)

to my mind maintaining an artificial environment to run a toy OS with no source available (thus eliminating effective prophylactics) merely postpones the inevitable.

Hungarian Notation
I think the current applications (e.g. lpszFirstName) of Hungarian notation are abominations. Merely echoing in the variable's name its storage clbutt and prototype adds no information...

i am reminded of a stanza from Lewis Carroll

'But I was thinking of a plan, To dye my whiskers green. And always use so large a fan, That they could not be seen.'

if some clever malware does not corrupt the system, microsoft will make you redo all your work with the next release. for example i cite the experiences of Mr. Trigdell with samba.

so when people tell me that they intend to use microsoft products in a 'bet your business' role, i attempt to dissuade them. alas, i usually fail.

the last microsoft product that i remember without cringing (much) was MS-DOS v6.22 (before that, 3.1 and 5.0). it was useful as a program loader. since then i have avoided even trying to provide any help with microsoft products. i find it too painful, wastes my time and annoys the pig.

i have set up opensource boxes for some of my friends. the ones who do the best with them are those who have no prior experience with computers, and thus no bad habits to unlearn.


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Nice Site On Communist Era Hardware in Hungary 3221

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It's official: "nuke" infected Windows PCs instead of fixing them. 3219