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Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics 843

And a lot of others nowadays, it seems.

CPU time and system load
in the pr-sm, lpar, etc ... it tends to be the ratio of instructions that...

Except that it can be less than fun when you notice that the ISP's provided things do something that OpenBSD considers unsafe or whatever and doesn't have an override switch for. (Oh, and some Linux distributions get all fussy about some other point which is also wrong.)

(I ended up quoting the equipment's unabridged-edition manual with page numbers at them, on how to fix it. It might be the manufacturer's fault for explicitly allowing that particular thing that the relevant RFC forbids.)

Oh well. Next I'll need to find someone who still sells analog-modem dialup access, grandma wants back on the 'net...

I'm still not sure how far my annoying questions went, with an ISP that had a blanket ban on "servers" without any further definition ... and I asked whether an X server counts, for example. I did eventually get a sane definition back, though.

Except those that have the same people do both of those... IIRC some still do. Oh, and that too was part of the curriculum for us back then. Just modems over analog lines though, and before even Word macro viruses became common (but after "emacs -f gnus" ceased to interpret LISP code in received messages by default in new installs IIRC), but still.

-- #Not speaking for my employer. No warranty. YMMV.

Another Another One Bites the Dust
long ago and far away .... the dasd engineering lab (bldg 14) and dasd product test lab (bldg 15) had these "testcells" where tested stuff under development. that had some number of processes that were scheduled...

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CPU time and system load

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Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics 842