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Lit. Buffer overruns 1697


Perhaps. Don't knock unless you've tried it. :-) Internal politics makes development work a real headache.

What tradeoffs you choose makes a huge difference. I wrote more about some in another post.

Think about one-fers vs. general solutions. In an internal service, no general solutions are paid for because the functionality isn't needed, won't be funded and is a "waste" of time. It takes very clever people to be able to satisfy internals needs with generality. In order to do a general implementation, you have to have exposure to what people "out there" need. Note I said need; this usually is not a one-to-one mapping to want.

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the upfront learning curve tended to be higher and the full PLI (at least IBM) tended to be much larger. however there were various PLI subsets that were...

Think about VPs and territorial fights. You don't usually deal with that bullpoo if you're doing commerical work. It's not usually any of your business and you don't care who wins within your customers' org charts as long as they sign the purchase reqs.

Sure. Note that your interal customers have the same corporate folklore that you, as a developer, does. This usually can't work with outside customers who have a very different folklore. Take a look at the crap of Misoft and you will see how internal corporate folklore makes messes when its distributed to outside world.

You forgot about the little detail of your paycheck depending on the quality of your work. If it's inhouse, the response time and quality is laxer than if your bank account empty. That's what I'm talking about. Hank talked a bit about one job his wife had corraling cats. The most important part of the story was the kid who learned that late and right was not good enough. An internal customer can be told by a mere VP or manager, he has to wait.

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lots of organization have oscillated between the two spectrums .... in-house operations required to provide significant compebreastive advantage to various business units as opposed to being a distraction from the core...

I'm telling you that the politics is beyond annoying.


Subtract a hundred and four for e-mail.

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Lit. Buffer overruns 1698

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