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Lit. Buffer overruns 1701

reference to an internal conference i held at research in march of '82 on the theme

there is also mentioned of review that was held for a proposal by some people in the valley for the corporation to build some of these new workstation machines. there were a number of internal groups that were claiming they were already doing something better, so the offer was declined, and they had to go off and do there own startup (three letters, 1st is an S).

minor bibliography from one of the documents later in '83:

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Lit. Buffer overruns 1703
As I said in another reply I just posted, I think we must mean different things by "buffer overrun...

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Lit. Buffer overruns 1704
snip If I gave the impression that I thought that was a reasonable general approach to fixing buffer overruns -- not at all!! In many circumstances (I would say "most" but could be...

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Lit. Buffer overruns 1707
snip I'm having flashbacks to the days when I, a junior person doing mainframe systems-level programming...

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Lit. Buffer overruns 1705
Ah, I think we must not mean the same thing by "buffer". I'm using it to mean space allocated and controlled by a program, usually an application program. A carelessly written program can easily try...

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Lit. Buffer overruns 1706
Sure. And how do you think limits are imposed? It's handshaking between the application, the...

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Lit. Buffer overruns 1702
slightly related: I'm trying to remember ... this may have been the VMITE that happened shortly after the first Chucky Cheese opened .... out behind the Blossom Hill shopping center (in an old...

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Lit. Buffer overruns 1702

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