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Looking for Johnson's pcc DG Nova and Eclipse 3471

tcc looks a little too 32BITish and a little too X86ish for my taste, after a very quick look.

The reason I would start with a Small-C Compiler is that it is already a 16 BITter, and the fact that I have the source and a working version.

Actually I seem to have several versions of 'Small-C' compilers. The one I mentioned above is not the one that I was thinking of when I wrote the following paragraph. The version I was thinking of is: "small-c:PC compiler by Ron Cain"

It's main problem is that it generates fairly ugly code, at least the x86 version does. I could probably hack a version of this in a week or two, and get it to output Nova buttembler code. Maybe I will, just for something to do.

Hmmm, size may be an issue. The MS-PC DOS exe is 40k bytes - that's over half of the Nova's memory. :-)

Looking for Johnson's pcc DG Nova and Eclipse 3472
I can probably remember it. If I ever get that far. Besides that it's long dead :-) Multi user time sharing system. Apps programmed in interpreted basic. System written in buttembler...

Another issue, do I write it for the only Nova OS that I have (IRIS from EDS, later Point4) or standalone?

Also, write for a stock Nova, or the modified clone processors that I have. The ones I have support 64k words of core, but you lose the LDA-STA memory indirect chaining feature. But they will run as stock.

Looking for Johnson's pcc DG Nova and Eclipse 3473
For the moment, I am just going to look at the routines to see how feasible such a hack would be. The "small-c:PC...


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Looking for Johnson's pcc DG Nova and Eclipse 3472

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