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MTS, Emacs, and... WYLBUR

a lot of stuff was similarly done for XEDIT ... especially in conjunction with various amount of REX(X) programming ... recent mention of having done a large application (DUMPRX) in REX(X) and that it could be run either from command line or from within XEDIT environment.

i had started on dumprx very early in REX's existance ... before its release to customers and the name change from REX to REXX.

in that early period ... there was some contention that REX was just another command scripting environment (similarly to EXEC and EXEC2). Part of the exercise for DUMPRX was to demonstrate that REX was a significant enhancement over the existing command scripting processes.

as to wylbur ... it had been heavily used (and enhanced) at NIH

from above:

Why is zSeries so CPU poor
McKown, John it was '79? or '81? asilomar acm sigops conference (i've lost my proceedings over...

Over the next 12 years the NIH Computer Center received many requests to include more features among WYLBUR's then-elaborate package of capabilities. In response to these requests, the NIH Computer Center staff installed a complete rewrite of WYLBUR named NIH Extended WYLBUR in 1981, replacing the original version of WYLBUR acquired from Stanford University in 1968 plus 1.

... snip ...

search engine turns up quite a few nih wylbur references.

... there is commercial superwylbur

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Why is zSeries so CPU poor

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MTS, Emacs, and... WYLBUR