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Making the ship of government selfrighting XBOX 360 2630

Andrew Swallow

Not really - I could well claim that in the general case such a distinction doesn't exist, and what Britain has is a historical artifact of the monarchy that Britain still is, nominally at least.

But the reason why the military exists is that it is needed to perform a (or the?) definitive function of a sovereign country's government on this government's behalf, and therefore it is integral to the structure of services needed to support governance - right?

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They didn't exist in 2003. Nobody could find any. That wasn't unexpected. If the UN inspectors hadn't been forced to bugout by imminent military...

So... why isn't the tax administration a separate type of service too?

(Yes, I know, the military needs the clear chain of command and allocation of responsibility to go with the job, right up to the head of state, and all that, but this is an operational requirement, not a qualitative difference in principle. Or so I will claim for the sake of this argument.)

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It is now a civil war in Iraq.. According to reports, the US has already buttured the warring factions...

Do note that I may not be arguing for my own views if I feel that the resulting discussion would likely to be more enlightening otherwise ;-)

BTW, we've been having something of a consbreastutional debate on a related issue here in Finland, with our presidential election...

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