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Metroliner telephone article 4054

Philip Nasadowski

Metroliner telephone article 4055
I had thought that 'AMPS' (if I remembered that correctly) system was being test in the early to mid 80...

Phil, I hope you as an engineer, will take a look at the article. Obviously the technology is very dated--what was a big deal to them 30 years you do now on the head of a pin. But I'm curious as to what you think of some of the technical details, such as the channel and zone markers and how they handed off calls from one zone to another.

I forgot to mention that in 1971 Bell had a small mobile cellular phone test in Chicago. There was a tremendous demand for mobile phones even though it cost ten times what a home phone cost at the time.

The test was successful and then Bell wanted to do a wider test. The FCC sat on the proposal for two years. When service finally was allowed, the FCC required two companies, one Bell, one non-Bell.

What is ironic that with supposedly "compebreastion" cell phone rates are much higher than ten years ago! When I got mine, the phone was free and an off-peak oriented plan was $20 per month. Today, such an equivalent plan is $40 per month and I have to buy a new phone for $30-$50 and expect it to last only a few years. I could get a $20 plan but it is for very limited use. "Pay as you go" plans are deceiving because the pre-paid minutes expire--they're lost whether you use them or not.

Metroliner telephone article 4056
Your experience is very different from mine... I got my first cell phone in 1995 or...

(My old phone works just fine except the batteries won't hold a charge very long and I use the car plug adapter.)

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Metroliner telephone article 4055

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Metroliner telephone article