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Metroliner telephone article 4088

Metroliner telephone article 4089
On Sun, 30 Jul 2006 20:46:16 GMT, Philip Nasadowski Yup. Costs me either .75 or 1.75 per month, I forget which. The...
Metroliner telephone article 4090
Unpublished does not mean no one can find-see-or otherwise obtain your phone number. There are many, many ways...

Why? because they were flat out better and more successful than GTE?

Not as bad, though.

Metroliner telephone article 4091
That should only be available on inward wats & 911. I have multiple phone lines. Outgoing calls are on a line that has no ringer...

And, prior to FCC Part 68, there was a very legitamate reason for that.

Unlimited local existed just about everywhere, except where you were rural, in which case there wasn't such a thing as a 'local' call anyway.

And they STILL DO.

And today, we have the 'number portability' surcharge, 10 digit dialing in many places, bait and switch long distance, the ever changing area code shuffle, DSL that's not available to everyone, pee poor service, so called 'compebreastion', crap system reliability, little acountability, phones that self destruct...

Oh, and that 'number portability' surcharge. I'm forced to pay a few dollars every month for a feature I don't want and don't need, not to mention the other 'mandated' surcharge.

And NJ only dropped the touch tone charges a year ago anyway.

Honestly, even though it wasn't perfect, I'd much rather have AT&T as AT&T, than the clusterf*** that exists today. My land line doesn't work. My DSL over it does. This is a wiring problem with my phone, somehow. Verizon won't fix it. I've called, I've complained. They don't care. I leave my phone disconnected anyway - all I ever got was telemarketer calls, and yes, I'm on the so-called 'do not call' list. of course, even though 'Verizon doesn't sell your name or number to anyone', magically, every roof insurance salesman in the US knew who I was and where I lived about 2 days after my phone service started here.

Even after I signed up for a 'do not call' list (about 2 weeks after I moved in), I STILL got tons of calls.

And don't get me started on how bad mobile service is (I've had dropped calls even when I'm within direct sight of a tower, and there's freaking towers every 10 feet around here), not to mention the shady crap pulled there.

Give me the old Bell System any day. I consider the current 'telecommunications' industry to be a slight notch above used car salesmen...

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Metroliner telephone article 4089

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