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Metroliner telephone article 4112

Cyrus Afzali

Metroliner telephone article 4113
Cyrus Afzali Which themselves were combinations of various and different Bell companies. Telcos never said that. The heritage involves rates and rate schedules which were set by PUCs and corporate standards and not...
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Moot point. They delivered it, so they might has well have said it. Mergers are always supposed to be chiefly good for the business and shareholders, but usually...

You have to understand that Verizon is a very big company now that includes numerous former Bell companies that had different traditions, as well as totally different Independent (non-Bell) local telephone companies, and newly formed wireless units.

As such, you can't generalize about Verizon service, personnel, standards, etc. One area may be very good, another not so good.

Historically, for example, the Bell Telephone Company of Pennsylvania was one of the best companies while New York Telephone wasn't so good. New York Telephone was very heavilly regulated and supervised. Did that tight regulation hurt NYTel or was it a result of NYTele being poor? There are different views on that subject. One author, George Oslin, clearly felt regulatory mandates on NYTel clearly hurt the company and were partly responsible for the 1970s service crisis.

The Bell Telephone Company of Pennsylvania provided excellent service. The Verizon today is a different company, although I am generally satisfied with their landline and wireless service. My friends like their DSL.

telcom compebreastion, was: Metroliner telephone article
This argument is getting more and more bogus as time goes by. I am connected to two...

Not true. An awful lot of people have been let go. Many functions are now centralized for efficiency and low wage rates; a process that began under Bell Atlantic.

We added a phone line. The $100 charge is only when a new line is to be physically installed AND you want them to do it. If the line already exists, as in most cases, the connection charge is far less.

As to Verizon and its compebreastors, Verizon seems to be doing rather well.

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Metroliner telephone article 4113

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