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Oh, thank you. I've been trying to figure this out for years now.

I hadn't thought a fuzzy definition was a piece of the problem.

What about third world countries that were I can't think of the word split from the "parent" empire. Like Rhodesia and South Africa and some of the Pacific Islands. WEren't these all interewined in the state? The machete mbuttacres in those counties on the African continent is all about nationalist interwining...isn't it?

It does to those who divide people into two categories. This gets so frustrating because I can't find out anything from people who think this way. Once they get any hint that their clbuttification system is not quite correct, they get defensive and start a defense mechanism which varies with their personalities.

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Morten Reistad 6,000,000.... that's why. Not the point, people are trying to take our ancestral home away from us because, for...

Once that door is shut, I have not figured out a good way to open it.

Mickey and friends 4582
Then keep trying, as Mr. Reistad is quite inaccurate in his buttessment. There is nothing fuzzy about it. Again, read Rev. Dr. MLK's position...

DAMN THIS f***ING ISP. Is this behaviour getting to be the rule of ISPs? IOW, is worth the effort trying find another ISP. This one disconnects so often that I have to download all headers within a newsgroup every time I write post reply. I can read all I want; the minute I try to do a write up, I get cut off. This wouldn't be so bad, but downloading seems to have been artificially slowed to 10 Baud...not 110 but 10. I get this feeling that I'm being punished for not converting to DSL lines so they can pop me up.


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Mickey and friends 4582

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