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Might score a Fujitsu Mainframe How much do these cabinets

Internet today what's left for hobbiests
Hi everyone, When I first got involved with computers in the 80's, it was something of an art and took...

And, somethimes, it is good with other governments. In that case it is said be a senior currency, or to have seniority.

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Retrocomputing :-) My hobby has been the Coleco ADAM. I collect documentation, fix broken stuff, go to the annual ADAMcon (18 will be...

Having a senior currency is a Good Thing for the issuer of that currency.

Many countries charge taxes, like visa "fees" in US dollars. They may think they do something smart. They don't. They put a devaluation pressure on their own currency by doing so, and they unwittingly give the US an interest free loan in the process.

Now, many corporations do in fact issue certificates that are sounder money than around 80% of the worlds currencies. Phone companies issue cash cards, oil companies issue the same. These are backed in deliveries of goods and services of solid value.

So, the whole issue of what is formally a currency is rather moot. It is a consequence of the exterme dependence we have put on the state sovereignty since the age of Queen Victoria. (This was also a major policy of her governments).

It is time to let the governments of the national states whither away, and devolve some of their power.Minting sound money in other places is a good starting point.

-- mrr

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Internet today what's left for hobbiests

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