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Anne & Lynn Wheeler Ahh! but that is only a weak excuse. As you can pickup a brand new windoze keyboard at OfficeMax for 30 bucks or less.

Now on a Macintosh That's another story. Mac keyboards can only be found at Apple stores, Apple sanctioned outlets (CompUSA being an example) or Catalog only. Place like OfficeMax, and Staples, and Office Depot just don't carry them.

I uses a MacAlley iKey USB extended keyboard I bought when I purchased my G4-500.

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it used to be when JES crashed it would cause the whole system to crash ... including MVS. one of the early...

I use compressed air to blow it out every so often. But key feel, and ability to type all the characters are as good now as then. My problem is my Hunt and Peck typing system.

I was brought up in an era when if men-boys were caught in typing clbutt they were considered "gay". because Typing was a womens' only profession.

Boys were expected to do vocational training, (Car repair, metalworking, Woodworking, Electronics).

Also, if girls were caught taking VoTech training they also were considered "gay" as well. (Note I am using the modern term, then they used the 50-60ites term which was not as endearing).

In any event I never took typing. and By the time computers rolled around I s too old and had too much arthritis to take the clbuttes. So its amazing that I ell as well as I do.

-- ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Phillip M. Jones, CET MEMBER:VPEA (LIFE) ETA-I, NESDA,ISCET, Sterling 616 Liberty Street Who's Who. PHONE:276-632-5045, FAX:276-632-0868 ------------------------------------------------------------------------

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Touch typing was pretty much the only useful thing I got out of high school, and it would have been useful even if computers hadn't come...

If it's "fixed", don't "break it"!

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