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in my youth, i taught myself how to type on am old resurrected 1930s era typewriter that had seen better days. that wasn't a particular hard shift problem. the hardest time i had...

Touch typing was pretty much the only useful thing I got out of high school, and it would have been useful even if computers hadn't come along. It was right on the cusp of small computers, either 74 or 75, so pretty much everyone taking it was expecting to use the skill with typewriters.

I did at least some of my practice at home on a Baudot teletype machine (it wasn't technically a Teletype machine, since it was from a European company, the name escapes me at the moment), though it required a certain rhythm to type fast that wasn't there on a typewriter.

I took woodworking-metalworking (half a year for each) the same year as I took touchtyping. In November that year, the woodworking teacher asked me to help move a metal cabinet onto a bench, and once it was up he proceeded to slide the cabinet over my finger, where a sharp edge sliced it. Got seven sbreastches, and it did put a damper on my typing for a bit (though it also got me out of gym for a while). But even when the sbreastches were gone, the finger was stiff, so I used that to score an electric typewriter for a good long time, when they were in limited numbers and were supposed to be shared by the clbutt.

Graphics on the IBM 2260
The IBM 2250, of course, was a vector graphics display terminal that came in several configurations. One depended on the host computer for all the...


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