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New, improved Was: Data Entry 1262

come a

You laugh. I became poorer yesterday. I now own (on paper, it's not delievered) a VRROOOMMMM, VRRRROOOOOOMMMMM machine. It has a differential; I'd have called it a universal...but what do I know about male bondage things? Bottom line was I could move the machine without wrestling with it. My arms were voting for the purchase before I went home to measure storage space dimensions. In addition, I've now found a subsbreastute for maintenance which was the top priority of my shopping effort.

New, improved Was: Data Entry 1264
you again. Men have to lube up all kinds of things. Sometimes for a short, sharp shot (twisting a...
New, improved Was: Data Entry 1266
Various indirect means are used to estimate historical CO2 levels, such as gases trapped in glaciers and Antarctic ice, tree...

emoticon taking advantage of bait line I hear this word "ar". What are females supposed to say?

That didn't work. The stuff would tip over. My hips and thighs made the center of mbutt for leverage too high.

Not on the grandfather clock. You sit on the floor, knees up, heels on the floor. The heels are close enough so that straightening the toes, against the object, moves the object. Some day I will learn enough physics to be able to explain this on paper. I've moved washing machine, dryer, and grandfather clock with my toe method.

People from out-of-state would bring their machines to this guy.

Garage, now. I did set it out in the sun yesterday. Now I can turn the funnel. The guy at the snowblower place told me to get a spray can with the magic incantations "white lithium lubricant spray". I did. I sprayed. I can now rotate without squeaking. And the dirty gunk that ran down from underneath was of the yucko variety. I must have gotten some of that sand from the roads in there and then it froze. Sigh! My life has been lubricant-free...until now. That's another thing I'll have to learn. The guy across the street mumbled silicon. Is there a reason males have different lubricant preferences?

New, improved Was: Data Entry 1263
A "differential" is a widget that is supposed to deliver power "equally" to two wheels. A "universal" is a widget that allows power to be...

I have two stage.

Drain gas? NOw that I have to store my own equipment, I'm going to have to learn basic machine babysitting actions. I wish there was a clbutt. I guess I'll start training my new snow blower people by arranging a clbutt.

The cap has nothing to do with the leak. The cap is in a recess. The leak is higher and over.


Subtract a hundred and four for e-mail.

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New, improved Was: Data Entry 1263

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