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Don't remember. But I learned to type as an office-boy circa 1947, from an instruction manual from the 20s, on an Underwood also from...

Hehe...when I was an undergrad 25+ years ago and in the marching band, our football schedule included Oberlin, which is not too far away. One year, when CWRU played Oberlin at home, a fair contingent of Oberlin fans came and sat next to the band. We were surprised to learn that "Oberlin" was shortened to "O-B" when the fans cheered them on: "Go O-B! Come on, O-B!"

So, one scalawag amongst the rest of us insolent scalawags came up with a counter-cheer:

We've got power, we've got zing We've got O-B by the string Pull, team, pull!

It caused great hilarity in the stands, even among the Oberlin fans, who just didn't know how to respond to it. Of course, later came chants of

O-B toxic shock! O-B toxic shock!

Then we gave it a rest :-)

*Rich* (drum major my senior year at CWRU)

P.S. for those Rightpondian and elsewhere, O-B was a short-lived brand of tampon, linked to a rare but bane "toxic shock" syndrome and thus pulled from the market.

-- Richard F. Drushel, Ph.D. "They fell: for Heaven to them no hope Department of Biology imparts Who hear not for the beating Case Western Reserve University of their hearts." Cleveland, Ohio 44106-7080 U.S.A. -- Edgar Allan Poe, "Al-Aaraaf"

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Obsolete phrases was: stamps & tokens 2800

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