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October 7th Wilmington, Delaware Vintage Computer Swap Meet

Midatlantic Retro Computing Hobbyists Present:

THE WILMINGTON DELAWARE VINTAGE COMPUTING SWAPMEET 2800 square feet of hard-to-find "clbuttic" computers (pre-internet age), gaming, test equipment, parts and supplies, software, electronics, manuals, and more!

WHERE: 504 Market Street 2nd floor Copeland Room Wilmington, Delaware 19801

EVENT STARTS: 10AM AUCTION: 2:30PM (auction items to be announced prior to event) EVENT ENDS: 4PM LOAD IN: 8AM

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Philip Homburg might have said: AT MFM controller = IDE = ATA Okay... Okay, but... Which may be closer to what I meant. In some very important respects they...

PUBLIC ADMISSION: $5.00 ($7.00 per family) EXHIBITORS: $15.00 (per 8'x10' space) and first dibs on the available 6x2 tables. Contact (see link below) with inquiries. Note also that there is a free "open area" described below.

EXHIBITOR SPACES: Each exhibitor will be buttigned a specific space in the exhibitor area, there will also be a non-reserved open area that will be first come first served. See below for contact information.

TABLES: There is a limited number of tables; first come, first served. Once the available tables are reserved, exhibitors and others will be responsible for their own tables or floor mats. The floor is carpeted so please arrange to ground your sensitive electronic components.

OPEN AREA: There will be a rather large first-come-first-served open area for persons who wish to bring their items for swap, who don't need a reserved exhibit space.

PROCEEDS BENEFIT: The Midatlantic Retro Computing Hobbyists (501c)

History of IDEATA and Small Form Factor Committee 4460
The original drives (at least at the "home computer" level) had pretty bare drives, and a separate controller...

PARKING: Free parking across the street in parking lot, but first come first served.

OTHER: There are ample restaurants and hotels in downtown Wilmington. The swap meet is walking distance from the Amtrak station.

FAQ: Q: I want to sell (or trade or give away) an item or two but I don't want to pay for an entire table, is there a way to sell just one item? A: Yes, in addition to the reserved table spaces there is plenty of room for everyone to bring their items in the "open area" A#2: OR you can include your one item in the auction, or both.

Q: What's being auctioned? becomes available.

Q: Who is MARCH (THe Midatlantic Retro Computing Hobbyists?

Q: I want to sell my stuff. What kind of items should I bring to sell? A: See, or similar hobby web sites for examples of the kinds of items appropriate for this swap meet. As a *general* rule of thumb, items manufactured before 1989 are desired. It is not the intention of this group to define by year the term "vintage computers" but please no old pentiums!

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Upcoming Events 4458

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