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Old PCsenvironmental hazard 3228

John Savard

Yes, I have been inconvenienced many times when I tell people they must save their document in Word 6 (selection on save options) instead of regular for that reason.

But I'm not gonna go out and buy a new machine just for that.

To me, this is just driving a viscious where everyone has to keep upgrading.

As an aside, the mainframe world has changed over the years, but the backward compatibility lasted for decades as opposed to a few years. While many customers upgraded, backward compatibility was built into the hardware. Heck, a 1959 programming language (1401 Autocoder) was used and available well into the 1990s, maybe even longer. We had 6250 tape drives that could read 800 if necessary.

It wasn't me who blamed the companies, it was others.

I don't care if companies make upgrades. But I want better backward compatibility. And I think the purchasers are too into buying the latest fad.

Back in the 1950s and early 1960s, the automakers made a lot of money coming out with a fancy new model every year which was basically more chrome. But everybody wanted to drive a "new" car with the latest gadgets. The same mentality applies today to PC buyers. It's ridiculous.

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KR Williams I agree on the need of reliability. But I think PCs could run much longer than 3 years before risk of crash failure...

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They really aren't designed to last much longer than that. As I said somewhere else in this thread, the original built-like-a-tank PC1 was only...

That's all very well and good. But it still means a purchase and cash out of my pocket. I love it when people say to me "a new PC is only $500, go buy one!". Well, maybe it's "only" $500, but to me that's still a hefty piece of money and I'd like to decide for myself what to spend it on. Maybe I'd prefer a weekend at a resort.

In the world of audio electronics, I can buy a cheap "transistor radio" for just literally a few bucks, a boom box for a few more dollars, and onward up to many thousands of dollars for a high grade sound system. Many people do just that, we might have a cheap radio for the kitchen to get the weather, and a more sophisticated sound system elsewhere in the house.

I get can a calculator pretty cheap, but it's a big leap up. Whether it's consumers or the mfrs, it's still some decent bucks to get a computer, there's virtually no "boom box" available.

Old PCsenvironmental hazard 3229
Yes, but that wasn't my point. Certainly, I agree that better backwards compatibility would be nice. I'm trying to explain why we don't have...

They should have that option.

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Old PCsenvironmental hazard 3229

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